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What We Do


Field Machine Tool Sales and Rentals

We represent the CLIMAX TOOLS family of tools. H&S, Bortech, & Calder are all best in class proven tools. Buy or rent, they are here for you. Backed by outrageously good engineering, however you choose to take advantage will be a win.

Project Management

With over 10 years of managing all aspects of field machining project management, you have an amazing resource at your fingertips to estimate and plan projects, procure tools, develop work packages and submittals, even tackle related work such as welding, anchoring, and grouting!

Job Site Support

From the pre-job walk down to the lessons learned meeting after de-mob, Field Machining Associates can be on site at whatever stage of the job you need support. From the best case of making a good project better to salvaging a project that took a wrong turn, we are here for you to make it work.

CWI Services

A Certified Welding Inspector that understands the language of the codes can help keep things on track and avoid problems before they start and a thorough isual inspection can answer a lot of questions if you know what to look for.  For critical lift weld points or base metal inspestion before an overlay, it is good to have a CWI at your side.

Technical Writing

Estimating, proposals, submittals, work packages, lift plans, test and inspection plans, post-job lessons learned, the need for concise and accurate technical writing is never ending. Expert knowledge with a writing technique for the thorniest of commucation problems is an email away.

Turn-Key Project Packaging

If you need a surface machined, you need a tool. And a fixture. And a job plan. And maybe a lift plan. And surely a safety plan. And a quality plan is always a plus. And possibly a crew. And the crew will need  PPE and training. Through our extensive network of associates, Field Machining “Associates” is literally a clearing house for being able to accomplish field machining. However you want to slice it, whatever the need, we are here  to support your project to your best advantage.

What We Do NOT Do:


Field Machining

When FMA was formed, there were several good field machining companies around, so instead of competing with them we decided to support them and those they serve. We have numerous associates in the business of making chips and we can work with them to meet your needs. Because we know that business so well, we are able support the field machining community with the best of resources to enable their success while increasing their capacity to service their clients.


Conflicting Interest

We will not involve ourselves in projects where there is a conflict of interest. We exist to support all of the field machining industry and deliver best value to our client, be they a field machining company or an industrial customer requiring field machining and where that may cause conflict or the perception of conflict we will always be above board and honest.  American business needs to look out for the best interest of all American business because if we don’t, rest assured nobody else will.



A very experienced field machining associate once said “its only steel, weld it on, take it off, there is always a way”.  The first part of his statement generates chills in the spine, but the latter part is spot on. Field machining is an art and a science. When the two come together it is a thing of beauty. Being involved in salvaging the ugly can sometimes be part of it. If you are dealing with the ugly, reach out and see how we can help. There is always a way.

Our Story

Field Machining Associates is a company dedicated to the art and science of field machining. Bruce Hunt, a veteran of both the US Army & Air Force, is the owner and operator of FMA. In the ten years preceding the creation of FMA, he worked as a project manager engaged exclusively in field machining and weld repairs of hydro turbines. Often tasked with repairs on a scale beyond the capabilities of most portable machine tools, Bruce and his team designed and fabricated boring bars that would cut out to 300” diameters on elevations that could be 15′ apart or greater. Restoring components that were embedded in concrete or were in nearly unreachable places became a regular exercise in creativity. Out of these challenging projects grew a passion for field machining.

When faced with a corporate restructuring that would have required relocation, a providentially timed series of events occurred that resulted in the creation of FMA and a partnership with Climax Portable Machine Tools. Having used Climax tools for over a decade on a wide variety of applications it was a natural fit.

Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee FMA will represent Climax Portable Machine Tools along with H&S pipe cutting/beveling/flange facing tools, Bortech automated bore welders, and Calder valve testing equipment throughout Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Along with this wide variety of tools available for sale and rent, FMA is able to provide support to customers through project management, job planning, technical writing, CWI services, and training. FMA is a virtual clearing house for field machining projects.

Why choose us?

Being dedicated to “the Art and Science” of field machining, the mission of FMA is to provide an unparalleled resource to the field machining community and those customers who have field machining requirements. FMA can assist customers in the never-ending quest to work better, faster, safer, and more profitably by bringing the most innovative, highest-quality portable machining, welding, and testing tools right to the job along with the full gamut of experience necessary to support every aspect of a field machining project.

With over 10 years of experience defining, building, executing, and managing field machining projects for the hydro power industry, a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience is at your service. Whether it is providing the best portable machine tools in the world, defining a project, building work packages, or providing job site support, FMA will work to create a win for you, a win for your customer, and a win for FMA.

From the Best Tools to the Whole Package


Climax Portable Machine Tools Are the Best

With the broadest selection of the most capable and proven tools in the field machining industry backed by decades of engineering experience and American manufacturing  excellence, there is no better tool.


A Tool For Every Job

From cutting and beveling pipe to machining a seal seat on a 90+ inch valve rotor in a hydro pump storage turbine inlet valve, H&S/Climax/Bortech can create a solution. FMA thrives on challenging applications!


The Whole Package

Buying or renting a tool is only one step towards the goal of a completed job. Work packages, rigging and safety plans, mobilization and demob, inspection plans, and contingency planning for the “known unknowns” are all part of a  complete package.

Years experience

Completed Projects

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure”

 -Colin Powell

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