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Climax Portable Field Machine Tools - Rental and Sales

Whether you need to mill, drill, line bore, face flanges, cut & bevel pipe, turn a shaft,  FMA  can supply you with a world-class tool and anything else you may need to be successful.

Project Management

Experienced field machining Project Management can make projects flow and remove the obstacles to effective execution in the field.

Certified Welding Inspection

An American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector is available to support the many welding operations that are inherent to field machining projects.


Tech Writing

Expert technical writing of procedures, reports, test and inspection plans, rigging plans, and complete work packages.


Professional training of personnel involved in field machining in the shop or at the job site can be tailored and arranged to suit.

Site Support

Support for site operations with tools and equipment, vendor management, troubleshooting, and customer communication.


Field Machining Delivers

Machining in the field is often viewed as a necessary evil, to be avoided as costly and ineffective. Nothing could be further from the truth. Field Machining is more often than not the saving grace of many projects, saving money and even more precious time. The right tool, a solid plan, and people with a can-do attitude make all the difference!


Portable Machine Tools in the Shop? Absolutely!

Operations including boring, drilling, milling, and even turning can be done with portable machine tools in the shop. When a 120 inch VTL is tied up for days with a single operation and the secondary operations involve simple boring and facing, or drilling and tapping, shop throughput and cycle times can be drastically improved with the addition of portable machine tools. Limited on space? Go portable! One-off operation? Tool broken down? Limited capital? Rent a portable machine tool!


Products, consulting, applications engineering, custom design, training, start-up and commissioning, after-sale service, spare parts, equipment repair and maintenance, and rentals – CLIMAX offers unmatched value in our industry!

Partnering with Field Machining Associates, CLIMAX creates a dynamic resource that can deliver! From heavy equipment repair to energy production in nuclear plants, if the best course of action involves portable machine tools, we are here for you!

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